3st COBO school-2023
Multiscale Molecular Simulations


7-11 november 2023

About it

The third edition, in 2023

2st COBO school-2022


  • 120 participants
  • 16 natonall and international speakers
  • 4 days dedicated to molecular simulations
  • 2 courses on advanced computational methods
  • 1 great scientific event


  • Johan Fabian Galindo - Universidad Nacional, Bogotá (Colombia).
  • Kristyna Pluhackova - University of Stuttgart (Germany).
  • Jhon Zapata - Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá (Colombia).
  • David Ramírez - Universidad de Concepción (Chile).
  • Juvenal Yosa Reyes - EV Biotech, Groningen (Netherlands).
  • Olga López Acevedo - Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin (Colombia):
  • Jorge Alí Torres  - Universidad Nacional, Bogotá (Colombia).
  • Diego Roa Romero - Universidad Antonio Nariño, Bogotá (Colombia).
  • Elkin Tilvez Marrugo - Universidad de la Amazonina, Florencia (Colombia).
  • Fernando Javier Torres - Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador).
  • Margot Paulino - Universidad de la República, Montevideo (Uruguay).
  • Andrés Vásquez - Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá (Colombia):
  • Angelica Sandoval Pérez - University of California, San Francisco (United States of America).

About it

The secod edition, in 2022 (planned in 2020 but postponed due the COVID pandemic), took place in a mixed format, being conceived as a school and a congress. The school  focused on advanced simulation techniques, including metadynamics and alchemical free energy calculations. One local and one international lecturer oversaw the school. The congress featured also seminars delivered by researches of the Bogotá area and others from Germany, Uruguay and Chile, with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge and to foster collaborations between different groups. About 70 participants from all over Colombia attended the event, which also included a poster session.


  1. "Free Energy Perturbation method for drug discovery" by Pietro Vidossich, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa (Italy).
  2. "Advanced Molecular Dynamics simulations techniques" by Gilles Pieffet- Universidad Antonio Nariño, Bogotá (Colombia).


    1st COBO school-2017


    • 17 Talks
    • 12 Speakers
    • 5 Days
    • 3 Invited professors
    • 2 Workshops

    About it

    The event was focused on bioinformatics and drug discovery, highlighting methods used to elucidate structure/function relationships, whose knowledge can guide the rational desing of new drugs.

    Three international invited lectures gace two smeinars per day.

    Nine local speakers delivered talks during the week about their recent research.

    Abour 100 participants from all over Colombia attended the event.

    The event also included a poster session.